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Playing Online Video Poker

The main focus of Poker is to help you improve your video poker skills before you test them online on PokerStars. Playing video poker is great fun and can be very profitable if you're good (or have a good hand). However, there are also situations where you should not play poker at all. If you have a huge stack, you have much more options to choose from, and you can play more hands - strong blades to build a high pot, and weaker blades to steal the blinds. Also in this case you should pay attention to the size of the stacks, but this time to the stack size of your opponents. Do not raise with a weak hand, if your opponent is short-stacked - otherwise he may go all-in and you must fold. Put it on the players who have an average stack (usually 25 - 35 big blinds). These players are in the dilemma that they are not short enough to go all-in, and on the other hand do not have enough chips to really fight.

This is usually good for the bully with his big stack! Do not play if you're tired you need to be attentive and focused so that you can show good performances at pokerand be able to recognize important tendencies - eg set patterns or hints in the body language of opponents (in the live game). It's almost impossible to do these things when you're tired. Instead of pursuing each hand with full attention, you may turn off after you discard your cards, you do not read the board correctly, or even click the wrong button and lose unnecessary chips. If you are tired and can not do your best, you should not play poker, even if you really want it. Increase your attention by sleeping more, eating healthy and doing sports. These three simple measures ensure that you will not miss anything at the poker table and you can develop your full potential.

Do not play if you have drunk something after a few drinks I play better is an often heard sentence. In some cases this may even be true - one or two beers are loose and give the necessary self-confidence for a bluff or big call. In general, however, alcohol consumption is a big mistake when playing poker - even if it is only one or two glasses. Alcohol affects the ability to judge and can lead to the elimination of important information at the table, which may be of decisive importance in the future. In addition, alcohol can be tired (see above), which can prove fatal in a long tournament, where the most important decisions have to be made after several hours (or days).

If you only play for fun and for very low stakes, you can lose the loss, you can of course drink one or the other beer. If you want to give your best at the Pokertisch, you should do without alcohol. Do not play if you're under one of the great advantages of poker cashgames is that you can actually choose who you're playing against. Before you take a seat, you can see who your opponents are and decide you. When you play online on Video Poker , you have the choice between many cashgame tables with the same stakes. You think the players at a table are really good? Then just look for another one.

Sometimes you can not know how good your opponents are before you've played with them for a while. In other cases, however, you have already sat with them at the table and can assess them. Self-discipline is of crucial importanceto get out of a game where you have no edge, so no advantage over the other players. It does not have to be embarrassing, because - as you know - the main motivation at poker is finally winning. There are, of course, situations in which you are profiting from sitting with opponents at the table that play better than you. As you are forced to exhale your skills and try new tactics, you will become a better player in the long run. Too often you should not do that however!

In a tournament, you do not have the same choices as your opponents. You have to play at the table assigned to you. However, with this limitation, you can also make a certain selection by trying to play more pots with opponents that appear weaker, avoiding confrontations with stronger players. Of course, this plan does not always go up - because what if you get cards that you simply MUST play? Nevertheless, it is generally a good strategy to make life easier for you. Do not play if you're on Tilt can manifest itself in many forms - anger, depression, anxiety, etc. People who are on Tilt may react differently, but ultimately the effects on your performance are always negative. If you feel like being on Tilt , you should immediately pause and stop playing.

Poker tournament where things have been going well so far. As soon as you feel the "Demon Tilt" gain the upper hand, you should stop it before it's too late, and wait until you have a clear head again! Online Poker at Poker is a lot of fun, but it's also nice to get real cards out of the closet and play with friends at the table. Live poker is a different experience than online poker!In live poker , the so-called Tells play an important role - can you read in the face of your opponents, what sheet they have? In addition, live poker is significantly slower than poker on the Internet. So you play less hands per hour.

To make sure it does not get boring, you can spice up your poker nights at home with a few crazy variations that do not exist online. No matter if you have no limit hold'em, pot limit Omaha or any other poker game these ideas will give your next round of poker a real boost at home. Straddles and super straddles if you have already played live poker in a casino or poker room, you may have heard of "straddles". It is of great importance that you take the chipstacks of the players around you into account in your actions. For example, you should not raise with a weak hand like 5-4 Suited, if there are still three players after you, who all have between 10 and 20 BBs. Because the probabilitythat one of them will return your raise with an all-in, which you can not then call, is just too big.