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Playing Online Card Game

If you really can hit Blackjack, why do you write about it instead of earning millions of dollars? The fact that a game can be beat does not mean that one can get rich with it. Consider Blackjack as an investment, so you need to consider three factors: knowledge and skills, use, risk. All these influences you should be able to assess before you place the first bet. Thus even a very good player with little use (about 1000 dollars) can only hope to catch a little profit per hour and not lose the entire fortune. How much profit can I expect when I count cards? To be quite open: There is a certain possibility to make losses in this game. Ultimately, everything depends on how well you master the game, how much use you sacrifice, and the risk you are willing to commit. Likewise, the quality of the game is crucial. If you find the right balance among these factors, you could get a good card counting in the long term about 0.5 to 1.5% advantage.

This is not to say that it would not be possible to achieve greater benefits, but in the long term it can be expected to be about 1% of the total use. Set an average of 25 dollars and play 75 hands an hour, so you can hope to be around 19 dollars an hour. But be careful not to increase the pace and end up losing everything. Is it illegal to count cards? No! It is not very popular among the casinos, but it is by no means illegal if you use the brain to count the cards. Because you do, too, when you calculate how much money you still have in your wallet. However, this question does not even arise when you play online: by random allocation of the cards, a counting is not possible here.

What is the "best" system for card counting? The best system does not exist - unless you are a robot that can remember every process and card. The human mind, on the other hand, is limited. Especially in the case of games with several card stacks, the likelihood would be around one tenth of a percent to keep the overview. In the case of a single stack, on the other hand, it is possible to concentrate on the aces and thus to predict what is happening. However, there is always the risk of taming the memory and making mistakes. In general, the simpler the system, the better. The Hi-Lo, the Red Seven, the KO as well as the Zen I recommend for games with several stacks. Hi-Opt I, Zen and Omega II should be used when lifting from a stack. What is the best way to get the best out of the cards? The player will only be aware of such variants if he has 16 points in his hand and has to decide with the donor in the duel whether he can secure or advance.

If Blackjack can be beaten, why do the casinos continue to offer the game? The losses that a casino enters through the card counters are unimportant compared to the money they take by bad players and the ever-equal mass of gamblers. Not to mention the miserable card counters. Is card counting the only way to beat the game? No! Over the years clever players have found some gaps in the system. Of course, the casinos have fixed many of these weaknesses. Still, there are still some ways to beat the game. The keywords for this are: Front loader, support, peek, flash, distortions, mistakes, rules, side betting, new games, promotions, coupons, dividends!

What are the most important criteria when evaluating the Blackjack game? The question can be answered in three ways. If you are a card counter, you should look for the game where you are most likely to see all the events. On the other hand, a player who strictly adheres to tactics will best deal with a stack of cards as well as the appropriate prerequisites. However, if you're a gamble, you'll be the best at such casinos where you have to deal with high dividends, slow card handlers, just a pile, and different variations of game design. What are the best books ever written to Blackjack? Some of these books have been written many years ago. Like the work "Beat the Dealer", published by Edward Thorp, with which this literary branch began, and which is still a compulsive element. "Theory of Blackjack" by Peter Griffin explains the mathematical approach to the game.

However, my book is regarded by many as the best introduction to the topic. I want to learn to be successful at Blackjack. What do I have to start with? Read and understand all the above books. Learn the basic strategy by heart. Practice at the casino, but keep the bets low. Beware of any advertising messages that promise more than 1.5% advantage on average. Keep away from self-paced jackpots. Take the necessary time to learn - otherwise you will lose a lot of money.

Why is the Blackjack all about the 21, Because you must reach exactly 21 points with the cards of a hand to win the game. Just as with an ace that counts 11 points, and a face (king, lady, joker), each with 10. Can conventional casinos that do not operate online expel card counters. Yes! Blackjack on a high level is a cat-and-mouse game. In my opinion, it is the right right of a house to put all too over-zealous players on the air. If a casino were forced to have all the card counters to play, the advantage would be very fast. But it also applies: The casinos are not allowed to lock experienced players. Do I need to be cautious about fraud perhaps - however, is primarily deceived in the rather smaller casinos.

Basically, the easiest way to manipulate games is to use a card deck. However, it is also possible to influence several stacks, whereby the effort is, of course, higher. My advice, therefore, is to know these tactics and to take care of them. If you register something striking, stay away from the game. If you are picking up from a single stack of cards, you can see whether a player is preferred - for example, by counting the card values and assigning the goodies only to a particular candidate. What is the "secret" of success whoever wants to win at the Blackjack must have the property of gaining an advantage from their respective situations. This means always keeping the three factors mentioned above in a good relationship: knowledge and skills, commitment, risk. The secret par excellence is more likely to be devoted to the game for a lifetime.